Best of Bashar: Channeled by Daryl Anka

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Bashar: Channeled by Daryl Anka

You'll get:

  • Introduction to Bashar's Channeling
  • Top teachings + practical teaching
  • A curated selection of channeling videos
  • Directory of platforms + official channels

Applying Bashar's teachings is a surefire way to start living in a reality you prefer.

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We are training the next generation of Galactic citizens to their full potential. We're a modern mystery school + DHO, offering the most complete & useful guidance to unlock your highest Earth experience.

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To activate divinity in you by helping you know, feel, and perceive that you are unconditionally loved always, and an irreplaceable part of the one infinite creator. After activation, we provide paths of learning to accelerate growth.

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Disclaimer: We created this resource as a directory of the best content available online, including official sources, third party videos + more. This is free and for informational purposes to find his content. Seek Daryl for paid offers, find links in the resource. May it accelerate your journey of passion.

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Best of Bashar: Channeled by Daryl Anka

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