Discover Your Life's Purpose: Live Your Best Life

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You have chosen a life of Purpose

Welcome. You have taken a huge leap. Today, you’ll receive a map of the valuable gift you and only you can bring to the world. It’s a rough road to unlock your chest of treasure because before you find it, you’ll have to dig through layers of dirt forming from your misunderstood shadows and society's programming.

Just a peek through the eyes of our true selves can reveal our purpose in a moment of insight. We have these moments of insight daily, coming as feelings. We often thwart the feelings of our true desires. We even feel guilt for our imagination, and shame for letting our light shine.

When we flow with what feels like a magnetic attraction to where we are curious, we will find we are needed, and watching our gift fulfill this need we discovered, through our ideas, actions, and presence, is more significant than any money can buy.

Allow me to be your guide on this journey. Together we’ll wander deeper down the rabbit hole of self-discovery with methods like self-check meditation and Ikigai, a Japanese model to determine and live your purpose. We will discover ourselves through peeling back layers, and use Ikigai to bring our abstract purpose into a concrete, actionable, communicable final form.

What You Will Learn

  • Discover your Purpose and take action every day to complete it.
  • Break Free from Society's Programming.
  • Find Your North Star - The Inner Light That Guides You.
  • Identify what is coming from You vs Your Parents + Community.
  • Remove Unserving Guilt, Shame, and Regret related to Will + Life Direction.
  • Use Ikigai to fit Your Purpose with Society's needs.
  • Purpose-guided decision-making technique.

    This Course
    Leave with a recallable feeling of your Life's Purpose to guide you, not just a plan.

All Lessons Downloadable
Contains Theory, Reflection, and Practice.
RESOURCE Ikigai Worksheet to systematically plan the nitty-gritty.

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Your Life Purpose Course [Intro]
Breaking Free
Removing Limiting Beliefs
Your Role in Society [Ikigai]
Finding Your Center
Finding Your Center [Meditation Excercise]
Finding Directions With Visions
Co-creating Your Reality
Reframing Past and Future
Purpose in Density Ascension
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Discover Your Life's Purpose: Live Your Best Life

0 ratings
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