The Earth Element for Self Growth

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The Earth element represents many things for different people and cultures. This PDF guide is focused on three Earth Pillars, caring or nourishment, grounding and fulfillment.

By integrating these forces from the inside out, we are creating a channel for the Earth element to flow within us.

If you want to learn how to integrate each one of these pillars, I’ll give you a variety of practices to choose from so you can experience self-care, grounding and fulfillment in connection with the Earth element.

This information will also help you discover what is your current state regarding these pillars and recognize how to replace certain beliefs in order to make room for something greater.

My goal is to inspire you to connect with the energy of this element in your own way, to set the foundation to build a relationship with this element and start discovering the interconnection that exists with the rest of the elements as well.

I’m Karelia and I have years of experience using art therapy to build self care and balance within myself.

I believe integrating the energy of the elements is fundamental to better use your own energy in your daily life and improve your wellbeing.

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The Earth Element for Self Growth

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