The Vision Temple Branding Method 🏛 Visual Founding Documents that stand the test of time.

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In an hour or less, you will write better statements for your company than most Fortune 500 companies.

What happens to all of our great ideas?

In my experience, ideas are very excited starting out. I am very articulate in my thinking, and everything makes sense. I feel I have the ability to carry a idea out fully.

Unfortunately.. the same few things kept happening to my ideas.

  1. Ideas would get morphed away from my plan.
  2. The execution would be received differently than I intended.
  3. The brand would get re-defined each time I had to fill out an “About Me”.

So.. Why do our ideas change?

We are human.. in a universe of constant change. Our ideas will morph each time they meet the real world. If we aren’t careful, they won’t be recognizable, and we will lose clarity on why we started the brand in the first place.

When we are carrying out the decisions and functions of our brand, whether that be our brand or a company, we are crystalizing our ideas into form. By guiding this manifestation with a solid tool like our Brand Temple we are guaranteed to have a communicable reference point to pull all of our actions in the same direction, no matter the size or complexity of our organization.

The Vision Temple Method

The Visual Brand Temple is a quick and effective way to keep an organization, brand, or personal brand aligned with the goals that made you find the organization.

The “temple” in Brand Temple is a visual representation of our brand.


Temple branding incorporates an arcing vision, an encapsulation statement of mission, strategies called pillars, and core beliefs called foundations.

These ideas for each component should be drawn, as well as written down in words. We'll go over all of this in both the free and the paid version of this product. Enjoy!

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The Vision Temple Branding Method 🏛 Visual Founding Documents that stand the test of time.

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